Our Story

A little on Nerrido Foods

We're glad you're here. Our passion is to bring the taste of Africa to your tables with little or no hassle.


Preparing authentic African dishes could take hours on the stove. Over time, as many Africans migrated from the villages, cities and countries of birth, they left family "chefs" behind, along with the delicious recipes created. This is an effort to keep them alive.

As we grow and integrate, it is no longer news that the love of those recipes are shared with many across the world and we have wondered how to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to enjoy African cuisine. How do we cut out the countless hours of cooking but still enjoy tasty meals without compromising on quality? How do we make these shelf-stable so that they can be easily transported and have a far greater reach?


Nerrido Foods is here to answer all of those questions. With that said, we introduce our very first product… The West African Tomato Stew. Available in 3 Heat levels - Mild, Hot and X-Hot.