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So many ways to enjoy...

Grains and friends

Rice etc..

Think rice, couscous, quinoa and all the healthy alternatives to them. The stew will give you a dish to remember

Meats and sisters

Meaty goodness

Grill or fry some meat, seafood or chicken. Pour the stew over it and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Lovely on shrimp.

Veggies and brothers

Starchy or leafy

Heat up some of our tomato stew and just add your steamed veggies and stir-fry. Season or don't season. You'll love it either way.

Legumes and cousins

Protein diet

Works well with beans and lentils, and lets not forget tofu!

Everything else


The list is endless

If we had to think up everything you could use this one for, we may never stop. Instead of butter, dip some bread in there. The stew is simply delicious. 

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